Emergency Control Organisation Training

Emergency Plan advises that Emergency Control is a requirement of Australian Standard AS 3745 - 2010 Planning for emergencies in facilities requires that all Emergency Control Organisation members and their deputies undergo Emergency Control Organisation Training "to develop the skills and knowledge necessary to undertake the duties set out in the emergency response procedures for the facility" .

Emergency Control Organisation Training is required to be conducted or supervised by a competent person defined by AS 3745 as "A person who has acquired through training, education, qualification, experience, or a combination of these, the knowledge and skill enabling him/her to correctly perform the required task".

Emergency Control Organisation: Emergency Plan Services

Emergency Plan provides clients with a comprehensiveEmergency Control Organisation Training service by developing and implementing safety training programs appropriate to client requirements in conjunction with the following:

  • State and Territory Occupational Health & Safety Legislation in force
  • AS 3745 - 2010 Planning for emergencies in facilities
  • Australian National Competency Standard CS-FP-001 - 1995 Fire Emergency Response
  • Australian Standard AS 4083 - 2010 Planning for emergencies - Health care facilities

Emergency Plan creates Emergency Control Organisation Training program that meets the requirements of the standards, we can ensure a facility is compliant. Emergency Plan is able to deliver the Emergency Control Organisation Training programs in the workplace or if required, arrange for the use of external training facilities to be used.

All training programs delivered by us including Emergency Control Organisation Training are developed to ensure personnel are competently able to carry out their designated responsibilities and duties under AS 3745 - 2010 for members of the Emergency Control Organisation.

Emergency Control Organisation: Chief Warden

In addition to an Emergency Control Organisation consisting of at least a chief warden it is the responsibility of the emergency planning committee to determine the need to include other positions in the Emergency Control Organisation Training such as the following:

  • Deputy chief warden
  • Communications officer and deputy (If required)
  • Floor /area wardens and deputies
  • Wardens and deputies
  • First-attack fire fighting specialists (staff)
  • Emergency response team specialists (staff)

Emergency Control Organisation: Facility Specific

With respect to Emergency Control Organisation Training, we can deliver training that suits the specific procedures documented for a facility. Emergency Plan will also incorporate the recommendations of AS 3745 that states Emergency Control Organisation Training should address, but not be limited to:

  • The duties of the Emergency Control Organisation as documented in the emergency plan and emergency response procedures
  • Procedures for facility-specific emergencies to be followed by the Emergency Control Organisation as detailed in the emergency plan
  • Responding to emergency alarms and reports to the Emergency Control Organisation.
  • Reporting emergencies and utilising installed emergency warning equipment
  • Communication during emergencies by the Emergency Control Organisation
  • Pre-emergency, emergency and post-emergency activities
  • Occupants and visitors with disabilities to the facility
  • Human behaviour during emergencies
  • Using local emergency response equipment by trained staff
  • The expected behaviour of installed fire safety and emergency features and installations
  • Emergency response exercises and evacuation exercises for all Emergency Control Organisation staff.

Emergency Control Organisation: AS 3745

To complement the Emergency Control Organisation Training outlined above, our company also produces and develops additional 'role specific' training mandated by AS 3745 to be delivered to those appointed to the Emergency Control Organisation positions of chief warden, deputy chief warden, communications officer, deputy communications officer, first-attack fire fighting specialist and emergency response team specialist.

'Skill retention activities' complete the range of Emergency Control Organisation Training available for delivery by Emergency Plan. These activities, as determined by the emergency planning committee, are intended to be an 'on-going' opportunity for Emergency Control Organisation personnel to revise, refine and reinforce their knowledge and skills. AS 3745 mandates for Emergency Control Organisation Training the frequency of attendance to such activities as:

  • Intervals not greater than 6 months for Emergency Control Organisation members
  • Intervals not greater than 2 years for first-attack fire fighting specialists
  • Intervals not greater than 1 year for emergency response team specialists

Emergency Control Organisation: Compliance Package

Refer to our 'Emergency Planning Compliance Package' for further details on Emergency Control Organisation Training for your facility.

Emergency Plan Services: Emergency Control Organisation

Emergency Plan has the necessary experience to assist clients in all facets of the Emergency Control Organisation.

Building Legislation Table: Emergency Control Organisation

Refer to our Building Legislation Table for further information surrounding the emergency control organisation in your State/ Territory.